Why choose to stay at a hotel?

You could spend the night in a room which looks like every other in the building, make coffee in the morning in your room from a packet of pre-ground coffee or an ordinary teabag before descending to the lobby for a “breakfast” of commercially produced muffins, small containers of yogurt, cold cereal and a selection of fruit limited to apples and banana with an occasional orange thrown in.


You can sleep in a beautifully decorated room with windows that open to let in the cool mountain breezes and put on a luxurious robe while you slip downstairs to bring freshly brewed coffee, made from just-ground beans, or one of a selection of teas up to your bed. While you sip on your morning drink you can smell the breakfast being prepared in the kitchen below you: crisp bacon, freshly baked breads, fresh seasonal fruit and delicious entrees await your arrival.


You could spend hours combing through websites, reading about activities and restaurants, trying to choose the best of many options, relying on reviews from out-of-towners.


You can talk to your innkeeper, who knows Asheville and its surroundings well and can answer questions for you. Our innkeepers will help you find deals on tickets; make suggestions for activities based on your interests and will have menus on hand from Asheville’s bustling restaurant scene. They will be happy to share their knowledge of our town and will be glad to spend time with you to make sure you find the best that Asheville has to offer.


You could come back to a crowded lobby and pay for your afternoon tea and cookies or go to the hotel bar.


You can swing on a porch swing, walk through beautifully tended gardens, or sit in a quiet library while enjoying your host’s libations. If you wish, you may share the company of other guests or find a quiet corner for yourself in which to unwind.


You could book a room at a hotel


You could experience Asheville in an Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Is there really any choice?

The Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association, comprised of sixteen of the finest Bed & Breakfasts in Asheville, North Carolina, is dedicated to making your visit to Asheville uniquely comfortable and pleasant. Our innkeepers want you to leave convinced that an Asheville Bed & Breakfast is a better way to stay!

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