Kiss Me Kate

Kiss me, Kate

Kiss Me, Kate

Asheville brims with opportunities to enjoy the arts, and a real treat is coming up at the Asheville Community Theater (ACT) June 7-30th: A performance of the musical, Kiss Me, Kate.ACT is one of the oldest community theaters in the nation and regularly puts on terrific shows. The early reports of rehearsals for Kiss Me, Kate! promise no less. The New York Times described this musical as “an elegant, nimble dream of a show, one of the rare perfect achievements of the American musical theater.” Kiss Me, Kate! combines the music and lyrics of Cole Porter with Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. A play-within-a-play, the show challenges actors as they play two characters at once and provides audiences a delightful evening filled with laughter and song. Behind the scenes at your Asheville B&B, your innkeepers will be making sure your stay in Asheville is just as delightful and filled with fond memories-in-making.





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The Hawk and Ivy

 The spring flower border presided over by Saint Fiacre, the patron Saint of Gardeners

Our beautiful organic gardens are the very heart and soul of the Hawk and Ivy, and spring is my favorite season, full of promise, new beginnings and love.

Last year a warm winter and a late spring freeze destroyed most of the berries, cherries, pears, and lilies. I was devastated. Now everything is full and overflowing. Strawberries are filling out. Purple and green asparagus are popping up ready for delicious omelets with eggs from Kathy’s yard, fresh sorrel and tarragon and wild morels. Yum!

I am a berry fool, and this looks to be a spectacular year for my many kinds of currants, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. The rhubarb is huge and waiting to be paired with some of its berry neighbors.

I’ve gardened since I was a toddler and over 60 years later the passion only seems to grow. As Thomas Jefferson said, “But tho’ an old man I am but a young gardner.”

We love talking with gardeners and foodies. Contact us.

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