Holiday Shopping Pass – Part 1

Lavender Liquid Truffle

One of the best things about Asheville is the wide variety of independent shops, bookstores and art galleries which make up most of our downtown areas.  This holiday season the 17  inns of the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association, have joined forces with 28 Asheville shops to bring you a unique holiday experience,  The Asheville “Inn-Sider’s” Holiday Package: Stay, Shop and Play. Enjoy everything that is Asheville during the holiday season while saving money and being treated to small gifts!

Since the list of shops is long we thought we would tell you something about each of them in a series of three blog posts.  These stores have been curated for you by our innkeepers.Lovers of  our Asheville B&B’s  know that one of the many benefits of staying at a B&B is your innkeeper’s knowledge of their town.  We won’t send you to a chain store or restaurant and, in most cases we have personal knowledge of the places we recommend.

So here is the first of three blogs about the shops accepting the “Inn-Sider’s” Shopping Pass:

1. Ad Lib.

Ad Lib advertises itself as selling “clothing for real women in the real world”.   The clothing is well-made, comfortable and stylish without being too young or too trendy.  They also carry a great line of scarves, jewelery, belts and more.  25% Discount


2. Artetude Gallery

Asheville is filled with art. And while you can buy art off the street, or off a restaurant wall, it is worth it to take some time and visit our local Galleries.  Whether you are buying or just thinking about it, Artetude showcases contemporary sculpture, photography and paintings from national and internationally recognized artists.  On top of this, throughout the month of December they will be featuring hand-made crafts perfect as unique and beautiful holiday gifts (and I understand there will be cookies and hot cider as well).  5% discount

artetude love mugs

“Love Mugs” one of the crafts available this December at Artetude Gallery



3.  Asheville’s Salt Cave

The power of salt and salt products has been known since ancient times.  We hope you will take the time to enjoy a session at this unique oasis which provides a microclimate allowing the body and mind to rehabilitate and gain balance.  But even if you are unable to schedule a session at this time, Asheville’s Salt Cave has a retail line of salt products designed to benefit your body and mind at home.  Asheville salt cave is offering 10% off all salt lamps, salt tea lights, bath salts, bags of salt, salt cookware, salt stones, and inhalers

Salt Cave2

Some the products available at Asheville’s Salt Cave.


4. Bellagio Art to Wear Gallery

Bellagio Biltmore Village, specializing in “Art to Wear”,  is one of a group of galleries located in Biltmore Village.  Here acclaimed American artists demonstrate their passion for exotic textures, sublime colors and innovative techniques offering contemporary styles.  Consider Bellagio Art to Wear Gallery if you are attending a special event!   15% off purchases of $125 or more


5. Bellagio Everyday

As its name implies, Bellagio Everyday, takes the Bellagio line of clothing and accessories into your daily life, offering clothing with the same flair and design as Bellagio Biltmore for work and daily life.  15% off purchases of $125 or more



6. C & Co

C & Co. offers handcrafted skincare & homecare products that are truly all natural & affordable. Their ingredients include only cold-pressed oils, steam distilled essential oils & reverse osmosis water. Nothing more, nothing less. This approach to skincare is difference that you can see and feel.

From vintage cold cream to artisan soap, C & Co has all that you need to care for your skin without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetics. You can expect intensely nourishing and hydrating products without a greasy or sticky residual feel. Stop on by and try all of their goodies while perusing the shop. 10% off all purchases


Eucalyptus Peppermint Soap from C & Co.

Eucalyptus Peppermint Soap from C & Co.

7. Chocolate Gems

Asheville has a number of Chocolate shops specializing in handcrafted chocolates.  They are all good but they are all different.  Chocolate Gems is the home of one our favorites:  The Firecracker Chocolate.  Shaped like a cone, this dark chocolate treat incorporates the same technology used in “Pop Rocks ” (a carbonated candy) creating a chocolate delight that literally explodes in your mouth!  In addition to the Firecracker,  there is a great selection of truffles, gelato, cakes and other treats.  They can even make specialty chocolate sculptures (now that’s a great gift!)  Free truffle with purchase of a drink




8. Dynamite Roasting Co.

By strict standards, Dynamite Roasting Co, which is located in Black Mountain, cannot truly be considered an Asheville shop.  But since their coffee is served at at least one of the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association Inns, Beaufort House Inn, and since Black Mountain is a charming town to visit in its own right, Dynamite Roasting Co. made the cut! This is what the innkeeper at Beaufort House has to say about their coffee: “The Beaufort House Inn in Asheville NC serves our guests only Dynamite Coffee every single day, without exception, for one clear reason….our guests absolutely Love It!! It begins with regular guest comments about the amazing coffee aroma filtering up the staircase of our Inn in the mornings…a wonderful way to wake-up! For us, locally roasted coffee means it is as fresh as possible and guarantees the most rich, consistent flavor experience. We love that they are 100% certified organic, fair trade and committed to a fair, living wage for all their suppliers. They know that the quality of their product is driven by the quality of all the relationships it takes to procure and produce their coffee. Our guests linger over their Dynamite Coffee long after the breakfast hour has passed, attesting to new converts every day!”  The Dynamite Coffee shop is located in a comfy old craftsman style home where you can relax by the fire at a table or in an arm chair.   15% off beverage purchase.


9. French Broad Chocolate Lounge

The French Broad Chocolate Lounge tops the list of recommended stops at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast.  Establish in 2007 they have been providing the finest of chocolate products to Asheville for seven years from their factory, chocolate lounge and shop on South Lexington Avenue.  It is not unusual to see a line stretching out the door to the street as people place their orders at the counter.  The owners passion for chocolate and commitment to serving the best possible product extends as far as purchasing, roasting and grinding the cocoa beans used at the shop.  Currently located on South Lexington Avenue, they will be moving the Lounge and Shop to nearby Pack Square this month.  This is a must stop when visiting Asheville.  One Free Artisan Truffle

Lavender Liquid Truffle

French Broad Chocolate Lavender Liquid Truffle


That’s enough for this post.   Look for the next list of shops later this week!






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