Carnivorous Plants


We at Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association Inns love pointing out all the interesting things to do in our area, and there is a fascinating exhibit right now at the North Carolina Arboretum. Savage Gardens is a nationally traveling exhibit that features carnivorous plants and is on display through September 7th. The interactive exhibit showcases the plants themselves, many of which are native to North America, along with 4 huge sculptures that give visitors a close-up view of how the plants capture and digest a variety of insects and animals.

Savage Gardens was created by Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus, Ohio, and Tork, Inc. It has traveled previously to the United States Botanical Garden and you can visit their site to see photos of the sculptures. See more at:   The Exhibit is free with admission. After checking out the exhibit and greenhouses, you can explore the quilt garden, bonsai collection, nature trails and many other attractions of this beautiful place which sits right next to the Blue Ridge Parkway.


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