The Asheville, North Carolina Area

If you can imagine our valley as a pendant, then Asheville NC would be an Art Deco gem held by a setting of the blue-green stones of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s easy to think of Asheville and Western North Carolina in artistic terms. Arts and crafts have been a way of life here since woodcarvers and quilters used their creativity to supplement farm income.

Asheville and the surrounding villages are artwork themselves. Fine craftsmen and architects outdid each other in the days of opulence and speculation at the dawn of the last century. The Great Depression ended the boom but the buildings lived on, escaping the urban renewal that brought a sameness to America’s other cities. In Asheville, you can walk the 30 stations of the Urban Trail and learn more about the rich history of our city, from drover crossroad to the era of the grand hotels to today’s colorful cosmopolitan atmosphere.

These downtown areas of Asheville and the surrounding communities offer unique opportunities for shopping and dining. Fine arts and crafts, antiques and a delicious assortment of restaurants are all clustered in central business districts of Asheville, the Biltmore Estate Village and Weaverville.

Try on the latest hiking boots in a downtown shop and head out for adventure at the area’s many outdoor activities. Enjoy music or performing by any of a dozen excellent theatre or dance companies. Dine at a cool sidewalk table, then burn the calories by strolling downtown Asheville. There’s a good reason that both Modern Maturity and Rolling Stone hailed Asheville as a great North Carolina destination.

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