A Special Package For Fall In Ashevile, NC: Fall Farms & Artisans Tour


It’s hot outside and the cool, crisp days of Fall are on your mind.  You are looking for a special package to create a unique getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville, NC this September or October.  If you are clever, your mind will turn to the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association because you know that, unlike hotels, the 16 inns of the Association offer personal service which includes a unique knowledge of their town and the surrounding area.  And you would be right!

Our innkeepers know that there is a very special valley nearby which few tourists visit.  We wanted to share this beautiful spot with our guests so we have created an exclusive Fall Farms and Artisan Tour.  We have joined together with some of the farms, vineyards and fine craftmen who live in the valley to create a self-driving route that will satisfy your itch for _Z2A4410beautiful views, fall fruits and produce as well as the best of our mountain crafts.  It’s a package which is exclusive to guests at one of the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association Inns (lovingly known as ABBA by Association members).

Sandy Mush is a small valley not more than a half an hour drive from the center of Asheville.  In spite of its beautiful location, surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains and rich farm land, history seems to have passed the valley by.  Your drive will take you past red barns and white steepled churches.   Breathtaking views of land which has been farmed for generations by the same families spread before you as you wind through the curves of the mountain roads.  Back in the 1990’s residents of Sandy Mush realized how special their valley was and began to place their lands into  conservancies. For a cash settlement the residents give up the development rights to their land, protecting them from development, while retaining the right to farm them.  This movement has continued right up to today with another 375 acres being added just this May.  In all more than 6000 acres have been saved this way.  And while the land is saved, the farms continue using sustainable farming practices and keeping the gentle profile of the past.

As its name suggests, Addison Farms Vineyard began as a farm in 1937 when the 55 acre property was bought by the eponymously named Addison Farmer. In 2009, his great grandson planted the first acre of what is almost a 10 acre vineyard.  As our guests you may stroll through the fields, enjoying a picnic on the terrace of the Winery overlooking the grape harvest.  A wine tasting is included.  Afterwards you may continue your drive to some of the farms in the area, where you can buy produce from the stands or pick your own in the fields.

ABBA_ChristineHieldArtist_painging of Rabbit Ham Rd. Leceister

A number of Western North Carolina’s most talented artisan’s and craftmen have made the valley their home and will be happy to show you their work and galleries.  This is an opportunity which is only available to guests from an Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association Inn.  You may need to make appointments in advance but your innkeeper will be happy to assist you in this if need be.  Among the artists who are joining us in this package are Laurie Brown (noted quilter), Christine Hield (oils and watercolors), Marlow Gates (traditional broommaker exploring brooms as an artform) and Matt Jones (nationally recognized potter).Marlow Gates Broom Studio

All of this is available to you when you book a Fall Farms and Artisan Tour Package through the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association Website.  Please visit our Specials page for more details.


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